What if you had total confidence in the value you bring?

And your rates reflected that? (no more undercharging)

The game is very simple, want to raise your rates and make more money serving grateful clients?

We use simple proven Biblical strategies to shift your beliefs about the value you bring and the rates you charge.

Strategies that are so simple, even a 3% shift is all it takes to give you the confidence to raise your rates.

Quick real life example from one client: increasing rates from $200 to $797 means every ONE client you get is the equivalent of 4 clients at the old rate.

We free up your time from constantly scrambling for new clients, so you can make a deeper impact and get the joy back in serving your clients.

When you understand the VALUE you bring is transforming someone's life by solving a problem they have and praying desperately for a solution.

Clients will GLADLY pay you and be GRATEFUL to do so.

(because when your prices are too low, they doubt you can give them the transformation they need)

We can get a mindset breakthrough in as little as 90 minutes so you can confidently raise your rates today and start serving more clients.

Heather tripled her rates and is enrolling more clients, because she's now 100% confident in her offer, prices, and the value she brings. Her clients are so GRATEFUL to work with her.

Starting off feeling unworthy to receive any money for helping others?

Michelle started from giving her services away for free, picked up 4 new clients and is now charging $1497.

But what if you don't have the bandwidth to change your marketing strategy?

You don't have to.

Dr Brooke started focusing on what her clients needed, recommended the appropriate treatment plan and enrolled clients into the higher service + ongoing care plan, without changing her marketing. On average, 80% of my clients make back 1x-5x of their investment of working with me over a 90 day period.

If you're an Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneur who is ready to confidently raise your rates and serve more clients who are grateful to pay, by establishing your true value in the marketplace

This class is for you!

Social proof: testimonials

So many confirmations!

Diana W

Thank you so much for today! I got so many confirmations. A little over a year ago my niece told me I was way undercharging. it's always been a huge struggle for me. I've always based my prices off of the free redemption that I've received from the Lord. I've noticed that in charging people there is an expectancy that is different than giving it away for free. That when I charge what the services are worth they seem to get more out of it.

Course curriculum

    1. Establish Your Value in the Marketplace: Become Confident in Increasing Your Rates

    2. Ready to Create the Greatest Asset in Your Business?

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You're 90 Minutes Away From Raising Your Rates... Confidently!

Ready to be 100% in the value you bring and to stop undercharging?